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Allevamento di Lumache - HELUMA

About Us

About Us

Premoli Snail Farm

HELUMA begins with the aim of bringing natural products on the market, efficacious and studied to satisfy the more exigent skins. To do this, it is essential to start from a high-quality raw material, guarantee and controlled day by day.

​All of our snail slime​ line is extracted by pure slime of snails that come from selected farms where they naturally grow. We utilize only Helix Aspersa snails, the richest species of mucopolysaccharides, allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, peptides and vitamins. ​Furthermore, the ​extraction system is one of the most evolved: it is based on a “closed” cycle that forbids contamination of the product, with a low bacterial load and acid Ph. The slime is extracted with a cruelty free system that safeguards the animal welfare. The combination between these conditions represents the best guarantee to obtain a cosmetic product truly effective, who is enable to enhancing the characteristics of this incredible raw material.

Our Products


The HELUMA line comes from our Premoli farm based in Lodi, our products are composed by pure snail slime, acknowledged for its cosmetic properties like: intense and long-lasting skin moisture, efficient protective barrier to external agents, rapid healing of little injuries of skin, slowdown ageing processes of skin, reduction of skin spots (caused by sun, age and acne), restoration of the elasticity of the epidermis, counter-action to stretch marks, alleviation of scar marks, minimizing of wrinkles acting as natural filler and rising of the cellular turnover.

The snail slime is a natural remedy which originates from remote history who came back in recent times. But its employment isn’t a news, in fact in ancient Greece it has already used for its decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation and inflammation of the skin. From ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, the snail slime has widely used in the traditional medicine field to heal stomach and wounds.

The main and most important molecules which compose the snail slime of our selected farms are: allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, mucopolysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, peptides and amino acids.

Heluma entire products line has a very high percentage of snail slime to obtain cosmetic products truly effective capable to satisfy every type of skins. Using pure natural products, both cosmetics and foods, permits to re-established the simple and fundamental balance between man and nature.

Allevamento di Lumache Lodi - Azienda Matteo Premoli - HELUMA